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 Fujian Deer Technology Company Ltd was founded in June 2014, with registered capital RMB 200 million and gross investment RMB 600 million. The main products include: annual output of 5000 tons of electronic grade, high purity sulfur hexafluoride, annual output of 1500 tons of electronic grade carbon tetrafluoride and other fluorinated electronic gas products.

 In 2015, the company was named Fujian Key Enterprise, Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise and Listed Reserve Enterprise.The company is located in Jiaoyang Industrial Zone, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province, at the junction of Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi Provinces. It is a key chemical Circular Economy Park in Fujian Province. It is 130 kilometers away from Xiamen City and Xia-Rong Expressway passes through with convenient transportation.

 The company covers an area of more than 600 mu and has a building area of about 220,000 square meters. It has good water, electricity and gas supply conditions.The main raw materials are produced and supplied by the shareholder enterprises in the park; the power supply adopts three loops (one with two spares), self-provided 35KV special line and 35KV open and close station, the main power supply comes from the power station owned by the major shareholder, and the power generation, transmission and transformation, and power supply system are completely self-contained.

 The company's fluorinated gas R&D, technology, production and management team, with more than 20 years of experience, is a leader in the industry.Fluorine electrolysis and rectification protein purifier adopts the most advanced 10000 A cell and three-stage rectification technology in the world.The process flow is completely designed and configured according to the electronic standard. The same production line can meet both the electronic level and the industrial level production technical requirements.

 Based on fluorine-containing gases, the company strives to build a manufacturing base for ultra-pure fluorine-containing gases with the richest domestic products and the most complete categories.At present, the company has jointly set up a research and Development Laboratory of electronic fluorine-containing products with well-known domestic research and production units, and has formed a number of new product reserves. It plans to gradually build new products such as tungsten hexafluoride, iodine pentafluoride, phosphorus pentafluoride and chlorine trifluoride in the later stage.

Fujian Deer Technology Company Ltd. 

Tel:0597-5331188      Address: JiaoYang Industrial Zone,ShangHang County,LongYan,Fujian,China